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Amazing Gym Mirrors


"All Quality Mirrors helped me set up my new gym perfectly! They did an amazing job and Rod offered some really clever design tips during the quote that helped me to get the price down and make the end result so good. The pricing was very reasonable as it was such a big job and the customer service was great. If I ever need a new gym mirror or any other mirror for that matter I'll definitely be calling Rod and All Quality Mirrors again!"
Adeo Walker, Brisbane
Owner of Fi Gym
Amazing Gym Mirrors Brisbane

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard height for most home gym mirrors is 2m. This is tall enough for most men to comfortably use the mirror, however some people choose to make their mirrors up to 3m high. The widest we recommend for individual gym mirror panels is 1.2m wide which is as large as we can provide with vinyl backing and that is manageable for transport and handling by our installers. A 1.2m wide panel allows you to see your entire reflection without a join in the centre. We can cover any size wall by mounting panels side by side, and the panels themselves can be manufactured in any width up to 1.2m wide to achieve the perfect fit for your wall.

A vinyl backed mirror has an additional adhesive sheet applied to its back surface. This adhesive vinyl backing is designed to anchor pieces of glass in place if the mirror were ever to be shattered by an impact.

For the safety of our installers and your own household safety we do not supply large home gym mirrors in 4mm glass without a vinyl back. This is because 4mm glass, the same glass that is used for vanity mirrors, becomes flimsy when manufactured into larger pieces. Not only is there a high chance of our staff being injured by glass bending and breaking during delivery and installation, but there is also more risk to you of cracking the mirror if something bumps against it. Mirrors made from 6mm glass are considerably sturdier, and the safest option is a 6mm vinyl backed mirror.

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